123 Stop Fire - The Worlds Smallest All in one Fire Hose
Fits on virtually any water tap without any tools in less than 10 seconds. It has a 10 meter flat hose with up to 10 meter water spray
which provides a safe distance between you and the fire

Edward shows how to use a Tap Extinguisher    
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Remove the unit from its packaging and then remove the upper layers of installation tape on the back of the unit.
Mount 1-2-3 Stop Fire in the vicinity of a tap/faucet.

The hose for 1-2-3 Stop-fire is 10 metres long and when correctly connected to a tap/faucet with a 2 bar water pressure, its spray reaches approximately6 to 10 meters.Higher or lower water pressure can affect the distance of the spray. It is important to find out how to connect the hose.
There are many types of taps/faucets. The following instructions describe the connection to a standard tap/faucet.

Step 1:Remove the red cassette from its holder.Pull the red rubber sheath off the cassette and pull the hose out to an arms length.

Step 2: Push the red sheath over the tap/faucet as far as possible. Attach the elastic to the handle/s of the tap/faucet using the white toggles
(use the Black elastics to secure on a short tap/faucet) and pull tightly in opposite directions. This is to prevent the sheath from sliding off the tap/faucet. Then forcefully pull the red toggles upwards and then tightly in opposite directions. Repeat this until the elastic is wrapped very tightly around the tap/faucet.

Step 3: With the red cassette in one hand turn on the tap/faucet with the other hand, pull out the hose of the cassette entirely in order to activate the water spray.

Connecting 1-2-3 Stop Fire can be impeded by the following types of taps/faucets;Taps/faucets without rotating handles.
Infrared or movement activated taps/faucets.